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Inclusive Activities for people with additional needs

With our specially-adapted powerboat ‘Friendship of Plymouth’ and our Hawk 20 sailing boats, no-one is excluded from the excitement of getting out on the water. Everyone can help to helm and crew the boat – right up to the limit of their abilities.

The work of Horizons has featured in a number of TV programmes. 

This item features ‘Friendship’ taking out a group from the Dame Hannah Rogers Trust.


Friendship has been built with a specific facilities for people with profound physical disabilities. This enables us to safely secure up to 5 wheelchairs on deck – including one at the steering position.

wheelchair boarding

Wheelchairs are embarked via a removable access door and loading ramp.

wheelchair lashing

Each wheelchair is securely fastened with straps attached to fittings built into the deck.

This short video shows a youngster in a wheelchair steering the boat.

If the wheel is too much, we have a joystick and other controls.

hawk fun

Anyone can enjoy a sail in one of our Hawk 20s.

wheelchair group

 Everyone feels safe and secure – and has a great time!

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