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Horizons currently has over 50 active volunteers who are essential to the charity, helping the children and senior instructors to make the charity work. Without its helpful and dedicated group of volunteers Horizons would find it hard to give every child the attention and support they need.

Volunteers come from all walks of life, from members of the public who became involved after showing interest in the charity, to parents, and of course children who have grown up with the charity and become volunteers in their own right.volunteers safety

Volunteers perform many different roles at Horizons not just helping with the sailing side. The Friends of Horizons help with other aspects including fundraising, minibus driving and maintenance, and bring a whole range of skills to the charity, enabling it to improve and result in a better experience for the children taking part.

Many children come from backgrounds that are unimaginable to people reading this website. Some come from broken homes, poverty, drugs and crime, others from families hit by recession and redundancy. It is the volunteers and staff at Horizons that connect with these children and for some it is the first time that anyone has trusted them, listened to them and enabled them to feel relaxed enough for the real child to shine through.

If you want to become a Horizons Volunteer, just get in touch to arrange a time to meet.

We also have an Application Procedure which can be downloaded here: Recruitment Policy and Procedures

You can find all the Forms etc. here.


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