Help Horizons by taking part in a Research Project.

Finding out how we are doing.

Dear Parents / Carers

We are currently undertaking a research project to look at whether taking young people sailing improves their chances in other aspects of their lives.

Any information we receive is treated is treated in the utmost confidence and will not affect the opportunity for your child(ren) to go sailing.

This project is being jointly undertaken by the Island Sailing Trust / Horizons sailing charity, and Plymouth University. This study is looking to find out what benefit people have from going sailing, and in what way.

Not only do people learn to sail as an enjoyable experience, it is thought provides a sense of adventure and achievement. This sense of adventure and achievement helps people develop ‘resilience’. When people have strong resilience, they have a better ability to face other areas of life, especially in facing difficulties from the past and those challenges in the future.

If you would like to take part please have a look at the following:

Horizons resilience PIS consent for parents
Horizons resilience PIS consent for children

We would really appreciate it if you and your child would be willing to take part.

Please speak to Simon at the club sessions and he will point you in the right direction.