Horizons is primarily for young people aged 8-19 who live in the Plymouth area and are disadvantaged or have a disability/learning difficulty. We can tailor our activities to make them as inclusive as possible for those with complex disabilities.

         Our Activities

Many children in Plymouth live near the water but do not have the chance to go sailing due to financial or social disadvantage. Anyone  can come to our Sailing Club and enjoy being out on the water. 

We run weekly sessions on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings, using the full range of our sailing boats. The children usually start as part of a group in one of our larger keelboats – and then graduate to sailing solo! 

This programme was developed from our organised school trips. We soon realised there was a need for an out-of-school activity that was a little bit different from the norm – and run more like ‘youth club’.


Many children who first come to us as part of an organised school group go on to join the Horizons Sailing Club and have the chance to advance their sailing skills and obtain valuable RYA qualifications. 

The emphasis at Horizons Sailing Club is on having safe fun on the water – with some development training. Under the guidance of one of our RYA Senior Instructors, the young people are encouraged to be fully involved in their sailing – choosing which boat they sail in and who they sail with as well as where they go. Find out more about the Horizons Sailing Club here.

Clothing and Safety Equipment

We provide all the sailing equipment the young sailor needs, including windproof/waterproof clothing, buoyancy aid, footwear and a wetsuit if required.

We regularly receive donations of sailing clothing that are no longer required by supporters.

This we pass on to the children and many are now building a useful kitbag of sailing equipment that they can keep, maintain and look after.