If you are a teaching professional, parent, youth organiser, Horizons’ supporter or anyone else involved in our activities, you may need access to our Policies, Procedures and Consent Forms.

These can all be obtained from our HQ in Richmond Walk but are included here for easy download and/or printing. You will save us money by printing your own!

These documents can be downloaded by simply clicking on the title. They will then appear in PDF format and you can print them if you need to.

You will need Adobe Reader to view or print these files. If you don’t have it yet, click here.

Policies and Procedures

Young Sailor/Cadet Forms

Please note Sailing Club for 2023 is currently full, and we are unable to accept any more new members at present.

Volunteer’s Forms

Electronic Versions (Please use these where possible as we are trying to reduce the use of paper forms).

Printable Forms

Relevant Information

School/Group Forms